Merlion Residence works hard to create a conducive living environment for all its residents so that they can lead a good quality life in their home away from home. Merlion Residence designed a list of friendly guidelines for our residents so that everyone can have a common understanding in the residence.

House rules

  1. Rooms allocation
    • Rooms once allotted for the academic year will not be changed except on special situations and with written consent from Management Office.
  2. Cleanliness
    • The rooms, common areas and surroundings should be kept clean and hygienic. Rooms are allotted to each resident on his/her personal responsibility. He/she should see to the upkeep of his/her room, residence and its environment.
    • Residents are responsible for disposing of own household garbage in the location designated by the residence.
  3. Furniture
    • The resident of a room is responsible for any damage to the property in the room during his/her occupancy of that room and will be required to make good the damage, if any. He/she is required to check the items on the inventory list and hand over the furniture and other materials in good condition when he/she changes/ vacates the room/ residence.
    • In case of damage to or loss of residence property the cost will be recovered from the resident responsible for such damage or loss, if identified, as decided by the Maintenance office.
    • The resident shall not move any furniture from its proper allotted place and also not damage them in anyway.
    • The resident shall not remove any fittings from any other room and get them fitted in his/her room.
    • Residents are not allowed to paint or install any permanent fittings in their rooms without prior approval from the Management Office.
    • Resident should bring to the notice of the residence Management Office for all routine maintenance works, if any, to be carried out in their rooms.
  4. Locks
    • All residents will be issued with 2 sets of keys upon arrival.
    • Installation on any door locks other than those provided by the residence and approved by such staff is prohibited. Unauthorized duplication of keys is also prohibited.
  5. Alcoholic beverages
    • Residents may possess and consume alcohol in the residential unit. However, residents who are found to be intoxicated and/or unable to exercise care for one’s own safety and/or safety of others due to intoxication will be dealt with.
    • Empty containers of alcohol will need to be disposed of properly and should not be found in other part of the school compound other than the residence.
  6. Drugs
    • Possession, usage, or manufacture of controlled substances of any sort is illegal and prohibited. Residents suspected of violating this policy may be confronted by Management staff and/or by civil authorities.
  7. Smoking
    • Smoking inside residence rooms is not permitted. Residence may only smoke at the designated area in the school campus.
  8. Animals
    • Resident must register with the Management Office if they wish to have a pet animal.
    • Proper documentations of the animal will need to be provided for safety reasons.
    • Animals are only allow to roam in the residence and all outdoor areas after school hours.
  9. Fire hazards and safety
    • The following constitutes a list of violations that could result in prosecution and/or fines:
      • Tampering or damaging fire equipment or intentionally misusing fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, emergency exit signs or pulling the fire alarm when the cause is unrelated to notification of a fire.
      • Storing fuel-driven engines including motorcycles, mopeds, etc in residential housing.
      • BBQ grills cannot be operated anywhere but at the designated area. Propane grills are prohibited. Charcoal grills are the only acceptable grill.
  10. Guests and family members
    • All guests to the residence including visiting family members will have to make necessary entries in the visitor’s book available at the residence entrance with the security guard.
    • Resident hosts are expected to be present with their guests at all times. Allowing a person entrance into school buildings and leaving them unattended is prohibited. Residents are fully responsible for the conduct of their guests.
    • Residents’ dependents are not allowed to wonder around school buildings during school hours.
    • Guests, or those wishing to be guests, will be required to leave the residence for violating residence regulations or causing a disruption within the community.
  11. Community responsibilities
    • Residents are required to park the cycles in the space provided for them in an orderly manner. No cycles/ vehicles should be parked at the entrance, in the corridors or in his/her residential unit.
    • All residents are responsible for the safe keeping of their personal belongings. They are advised to lock their rooms even if they are out for a short period. Residence will not be responsible for any loss items.
    • Facilities in the school campus are available to use for our residents. Residents’ children using the community play areas and equipment must be supervised at all times and all equipment used must be restore to their rightful places after use.
    • All residents and guests are expected to be considerate of noise levels, 24/7. Noise must be maintained at all times at a level which does not disturb any other resident or students during school hours. Residents are expected to comply with the requests of others to reduce noise levels at all times.
      • As the residence is situated in the school campus, family members or guests staying in the rooms during school hours should be considerate about the noise levels.
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